About Us

Our Vision

> Guiding Principles

> Our goal is to provide our Clients with the most current Transportation Technology System at a cost that our clients can afford !

> As an impartial partner to you we are not Carrier affiliated nor are we a third party negotiator , we simply provide tools for you to manage your LTL needs.

> Core Value

> Earning your Trust

We will make sure we earn your trust by providing you the security and confidence that Freight Buster demands for all clientele.

Dependability is at the top of our priority chain, doing what we say we will do with no excuses .

Company Profile

> Freight Buster was founded by Danny McPherson and Chris Kennedy with over 20 years in the LTL transportation industry and 15 years in IT. The knowledge and experience gained will now be passed down to our clients by showing them the cost of freight in a whole new way. The idea of this is to help clients meet their logistic needs without commitment of any kind while keeping the service affordable for "ALL".